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Strippers are chemicals used to remove photoresist (PR) and residual materials after metal plating or etching processing. Appropriate strippers can quickly remove PR without residue, and will not cause damage to the substrate or the material deposited on the substrate. In recent years, with the rapid development of many industries such as artificial intelligence and automotive electronics, the market demand for strippers has continued to increase.

Schematic diagram of stripping process. Fig. 1. Schematic diagram of stripping process.

Product Levels in Different Applications

Strippers are key functional electronic wet chemicals in the wet process, which are mainly applied in integrated circuits manufacturing, flat panel display manufacturing, and photovoltaic cell manufacturing. Different product levels in different applications are listed below.


  • In wafer manufacturing of integrated circuits, strippers need to reach G3 and G4 levels for wafers 8 inches or less, and G5 levels for high-level products such as 12-inch wafers.
  • In flat panel display manufacturing, strippers usually need to reach G2 and G3 levels.
  • In photovoltaic cell manufacturing, the cleanliness of strippers is relatively low and only needs to reach G1 level.

Selection of Strippers

In order to improve the stripping efficiency, the following factors need to be considered when selecting a stripper.

Selection of Strippers

Our Products

Alfa Chemistry provides strippers for customers, including but not limited to the following products.

Positive PR Stripper
(Water Base)

Positive PR Stripper
(Organic Base)

Negative PR Stripper

Stripper (IC-Al Process)

Stripper (IC-Cu Process)

Stripper (Advanced Packaging)

Stripper (Compound Process)

Stripper (Al Process)


Alfa Chemistry has been developing strippers through close alignment with our customers’ performance targets, and by using our own technologies, abundant experience, and the utmost safety and environmental awareness. We are confident that our strippers will contribute to your research.

Our Custom Services

Alfa Chemistry provides strippers custom services according to your requirements. We are committed:

  • Competitive prices to reduce your research costs.
  • Professional technical team to provide high quality strippers.
  • Shorter production cycle to ensure that your research is not delayed.
  • Professional after-sales service to solve any use problems.

No matter you have any questions about strippers, please call us and we will provide you with professional and quality services.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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