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Cleaners are a chemical used to remove pollutants adsorbed on the surface of the target cleaning object. The basic principle of cleaning is chemical reaction or dissolution between cleaners and pollutants. Cleaners should meet the requirements that rapidly removing pollutants without damaging the target cleaning object. Cleaners are the most frequently used functional electronic wet chemicals in manufacturing processes.


Cleaners are widely used in integrated circuit manufacturing , flat panel display manufacturing and photovoltaic cell manufacturing.

  • Integrated circuit manufacturing
In the production of integrated circuits, about 20% of the process is related to wafer cleaning. Pollutants such as particles, organic impurities and metal ions exist on the wafer surface or oxide film by physical or chemical adsorption. Potential pollution risks exist in each process of wafer processing, which may lead to defects and device failure. Therefore, cleaners are used to remove pollutants on the surface of the wafer before oxidation, lithography, epitaxy processes, which can ensure cleanliness of wafers. According to the cleaning requirements and purposes, various processes need to use different cleaners.

Integrated circuit manufacturing

  • Flat panel display manufacturing

In the manufacture of flat panel display, glass substrate and coated glass have to go through multiple cleaning processes, which need the participation of cleaners. For example, before indium tin oxide (ITO) coating and photoresist coating, cleaners are used for cleaning the coated glass to ensure that small particles, inorganic pollutants, and organic pollutants are removed thoroughly. Cleaning runs through the whole array manufacturing process, which has a very important impact on the yield of flat panel display.

  • Photovoltaic cell manufacturing

Photovoltaic cell manufacturing

In the manufacturing process of photovoltaic cells, the organic pollutants on the surface of the silicon wafer needs to be removed first. Secondly, it is necessary to dissolve the oxide film, because the oxide film will introduce epitaxial defects. Finally, particles and metal pollutants on silicon wafer need to be removed. Depending on the type of pollutants, different cleaners should be selected for effective cleaning.

Our Products

Alfa Chemistry provides cleaners for customers, including but not limited to the following products.


Edge Bead Remover

Cleaner (Cu Process)

Cleaner (Al Process)

Cleaner (PI Process)

Cleaner (ITO Process)

Alfa Chemistry has been developing cleaners through close alignment with our customers' performance targets, and by using our own technologies, abundant experience, and the utmost safety and environmental awareness. We are confident that our cleaners will contribute to your research.

Our Custom Services

Alfa Chemistry provides cleaners custom services according to your requirements. We are committed:

Our Custom Services

  • Competitive prices to reduce your research costs.
  • Professional technical team to provide high quality cleaner products.
  • Shorter production cycle to ensure your research is not delayed.
  • Professional after-sales service to solve any use problems.

No matter you have any questions about cleaners, please call us and we will provide you with professional and quality services.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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