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Photomasks for Semiconductor

Photomasks for Semiconductor

Alfa Chemistry has been engaged in the research of photomasks for many years. In the years of technological advancement, our employees have devoted themselves to photomask CAD technology, electron beam, laser writing and photomask design. We provide our customers with professional design concept assistance, complete CAD services and accurate photomask inspection services. We use our expertise to provide excellent insights into the entire process of mask manufacturing. Photomasks are one of our specialties, whether it is photomasks for microelectronics, optical components, MEMS, MOEMS, thin film or hybrid applications.

Alfa Chemistry has the ability to cooperate with our customers and determine which lithography process is the best and most economical for the customer. For more details, please send us an email.

What Alfa Chemistry Offers

Our services are personalized for you. We offer advanced data services for standard layouts as well as emerging technologies.

  • We can create a mask to test various sizes and arrangements of contacts, grids, photonic lines, etc. We will automate this process to make it faster, more reliable, and cheaper.
  • If you use the data as an algorithm, Excel file, binary bitmap or AutoCAD, we will write a custom program to read and generate the GDSII data of the prepared photomask.
  • We can create large data, 100 million dots are no problem. Multi-GB files are no problem.
  • We can translate any DXF file. There are many rules you should follow when drawing data for photomasks but often the rules are not followed, creating problems such as data-on-data, zero width lines, etc. We have a set of custom programs that can fix all these errors.
  • We can offer a complete range of pattern imaging services, including electron beam, laser write, pattern generation, step and repeat and Gerber photoplotting.
  • We can provide a cost-effective mask defect inspection service to capture statistical defects.
  • We can provide standard and custom copy masks services for customers who do not want to use the original master in the process.

Our Clients


Alfa Chemistry has worked with many university students to ensure that his or her design meets the stringent standards required to obtain an effective photomask. We guide students through the photomask process and provide clear graphics to illustrate the appearance of the final printing plate.

Startup companies

Most startups don't want to invest in the software, hardware, time, and people that use their design for photomasks. Alfa Chemistry can provide all the support needed to turn your ideas into chips.

Established Company

A mature semiconductor company usually needs to outsource layout or design work. Alfa Chemistry can provide it with the resources needed to complete the project.

Photomasks for Semiconductor

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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