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Wafer dicing is the process by which the die is separated from the wafer to the following wafer processing material, which is an automated process to ensure accuracy. Alfa Chemistry develops creative cost effective solutions to challenging micromachining problems. We provide wafer dicing services on patterned and unpatterned substrates.

Depending on the material and thickness of the substrate, we use different methods and tools to cut the wafer. Alfa Chemistry has experience in many challenging situations and will determine the best method based on your specifications, budget and materials. Our service is limited to small batches.

If required, our dicing services include wafer inspection and die sorting. For other information, you can call or email us to discuss your wafer cutting needs.

Alfa Chemistry Wafer Dicing Capabilities

Dicing Capabilities

  • Blade cutting, laser cutting and invisible cutting, etc.
  • Patterned and unpatterned wafer substrates.
  • Make bevel / chamfer cut according to the angle defined by the customer.
  • Enlarge the film after cutting.
  • Use DI water or re-ionized DI water.
  • Support cutting of multiple materials: silicon, glass, quartz, sapphire, ceramic, BGA, FR4, flexible circuit, etc.
  • We are committed to making your project complete as soon as possible, and can process your order within one day, if necessary.

Wafer Dicing Specifications

  • Wafer Size: Wafers up to 300 mm. The thickness of the processed material ranges from 0.050 mm -10 mm.
  • Spindle Size: 2 inches
  • Spindle Speed: 3000 to 60000 rpm
  • Cutting Speed: 0.1 - 500 mm/sec
  • Slit Width: ~0.020 mm.
  • Axis Resolution: X axis - 0.1 mm; Y axis - 100 nanometers; Z axis - 100 nanometers
  • Theta Axis: 6 million lines; 0.0004° resolution
  • Scribing Speed: 0.1 - 500 mm / sec
  • Blade capacity: 50 mm to 76.2 mm
  • Materials range: alumina, BGA and CBGA moldings, ceramics, glass, lead, zirconate titanate, fiberboard and silicon.

Wafer Dicing Methods

Stealth Dice

Laser cutting method. Use translucent wavelength light to penetrate the surface of the substrate and cut from the inside to the outside. It may not be suitable for wafers with films or patterns that interfere with the laser.

Diced Blade

Traditional blade dicing requires the wafer to be mounted on the adhesive film inside the metal frame. When the blade is cut into thin slices, water or other coolant is sprayed along the cutting line.


Dicing is another form of blade dicing. This method is better for certain applications because the process is very fast and adds minimal residual stress.

Laser Ablation Dicing

In contrast to dicing and blade dicing, laser scribing does not use a physical blade to scribe the substrate. Laser ablation cutting is the process of removing material with a highly concentrated laser.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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