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Test Solution

If you can build it, Alfa Chemistry can test it! With the knowledge gained over the years of supporting first-class and emerging industries, Alfa Chemistry understands that test solutions must address the issues of advanced technology, quality, performance and test costs.

By participating in each customer's product cycle in the early stage, Alfa Chemistry can help determine test strategies and select smart devices, and provide differentiated test solutions.

Our Test Solutions

Alfa Chemistry's comprehensive testing services are complementary to wafer level and package assembly. Alfa Chemistry is also a leading provider of RF testing services. We continue to cooperate with customers to achieve production testing of semiconductor products. We have various testing capabilities and rich experience in device testing.

  • Strip test: lead frame, diaphragm holder, the carrier plate
  • Testing for commercial, industrial, and automotive devices
  • Test development: software and hardware for probes, strips, final tests and SLT
  • Discrete, power, mixed-signal, memory, RF, MEMS, and system-in-package (SiP) devices
  • Wafer probe, burn-in, final test, SLT

Test Packages

 OperationsTest Solution
Bumped Wafer
  • Copper Pillar bump probe test at 125 ℃
  • Hot and cold test capabilities
  • All ATE varieties
  • Probe card that meets product functional requirements
  • Warp processing detector
  • Interim process test
  • O/S, KGD/Interposer, TSV test
  • Package final test
C/P, F/T, O/S, SLT
  • Final test
  • 2.5D Interposer test
  • KGD Interim test
  • Active thermal control
  • Advanced test option required – high current /high pin count
  • Final test
  • Burn-in
  • System level test
  • Firmware based PC test
  • Contactor waveguide design
  • SLT handler for RF callbox tes
  • Multi-channel RF connectivity standards
SiPFully functional and SLT test steps
  • Firmware based PC test
  • Contactor design for module test
  • Asynchronous test for different RF connectivity standards
  • Slot based SLT handler for massively parallel test
StackedSOC + Memory PoP
  • Memory interface test through logic or modem die
  • Memory test at SLT and memory fuse blow through logic die

Test Development Engineering

A small number of our customers have developed their complete testing solutions and transferred them to Alfa Chemistry for implementation. Alfa Chemistry can realize joint development or comprehensive development of complete test solutions. You can contact us as early as possible to maximize product design, or contact us later in the product life cycle to save a lot of costs.

Test Solution

Differentiated Test By Market

  • Sensors and Actuators (MEMS)

Today's Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things products require MCUs, RF transmitters/receivers, sensors, and actuators. The test solution needs to cover the process of converting physical analog signals in the real world into electrical data and processing the data to determine whether the product is qualified.

  • Communications

Alfa Chemistry's leading test solutions keep pace with the rapid changes in cellular and connectivity technology requirements. We are already in a good position in 5G wireless, and working with leading customers and ATE suppliers can meet their new testing requirements.

  • Power/Discretes

Alfa Chemistry is a global leader in power discrete devices, and its testing services are tightly integrated with the assembly process, which can shorten cycle times and reduce costs.

Test Solution

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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