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Chemical Mechanical Polishing Pads

Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) pads are another critical consumable in the CMP process. CMP pads consists of porous and elastic polymer materials. They have sponge-like mechanical and porous properties, and have special grooves on their surface to improve polishing uniformity. The main function of CMP pads is to store and transport CMP slurries, remove abrasives and maintain a stable polishing environment for uniform polishing.

Working principle of CMP pads.Fig 1. Working principle of CMP pads.


  • According to the hardness of the pad, the CMP pads can be divided into two categories: hard pads and soft pads.
    • Hard pads: Hard pads have greater hardness that can increase CMP speed, polishing uniformity and polishing flatness.
    • Soft pads: Soft pads have lower hardness that can increase the finish and remove the damaged layer left by rough CMP.
  • According to the different materials, CMP pads can be divided into polyurethane CMP pads, non-woven fabric CMP pads and composite CMP pads.
    • Polyurethane CMP pads: Polyurethane has good comprehensive properties. CMP pads made of polyurethane have the advantages of good wear resistance, high polishing efficiency and small deformation.
    • Non-woven fabric CMP pads: The raw material of non-woven fabric CMP pads is polymer wool fibers. Non-woven fabric CMP pads have the advantages of high water permeability and strong holding capacity for CMP slurries.
    • Composite CMP pads: Composite CMP pads are added with polymers or inorganic fillers that are soluble in the CMP slurry, which can extend the service life of CMP pads and reduce the defect rate.

Our Products

Alfa Chemistry provides CMP pads, including but not limited to the following products.

Polyurethane CMP Pads

Non-woven Fabric
CMP Pads

Composite CMP Pads

Alfa Chemistry has been developing CMP pads through close alignment with our customers’ performance targets, and by using our own technologies, abundant experience, and the utmost safety and environmental awareness. We are confident that our CMP pads will contribute to your research.

The Advantages of Our Products

The Advantages of Our Products

  • High CMP efficiency to reduce CMP costs.
  • Moderate hardness to reduce the damage of the polished layer.
  • High wear resistance and small deformation to increase the service life of CMP pads.
  • Good holding capacity to increase the storage amount of CMP slurries.

Our Custom Services

Depending on your requirements for size, thickness, material and hardness of CMP pads, Alfa Chemistry provides you with CMP pads custom services. We are committed:

  • Competitive prices can help you reduce research costs.
  • Professional technical team can help you meet even your most challenging research goals.
  • Shorter production cycles can help ensure your research is not delayed.
  • Market-leading services can help you increase your lab's productivity and efficiency.

Please contact us if you have any questions about CMP pads. We will provide you with professional and quality services.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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