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Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics refers to electronic products designed around consumer applications and closely related to life, work and entertainment, which can realize the purpose of consumers to choose information and enjoy entertainment freely. Consumer electronics mainly focuses on the electronic products of personal purchase and personal consumption, such as television, digital camera, smart phones.


Consumer electronics on the market are roughly classified into three categories according to productions development stage.

Consumer Electronics

  • Traditional consumer electronics

Traditional consumer electronics include television, videocorder, audio, radio, laser record player, earphones, VCD, DVD and other traditional audio-visual home appliances, which have become the necessities of family and office life. The demand and supply of traditional consumer electronics are relatively stable and regular, the innovation and production according to people's demand.

Traditional consumer electronics

  • Emerging consumer electronics

Emerging consumer electronics include digital camera, mobile phone, portable media player, home video game console, desktop computer, etc. They are produced to meet people's entertainment and fashion needs. Emerging consumer electronics have higher requirements for technology and innovation than traditional consumer electronics, but after years of development, the technology, market demand and supply of them are gradually becoming mature.

  • Smart consumer electronics

Smart consumer electronics

Smart consumer electronics include smart phones, smart home, smart security, smart wearable devices, smart tablets, smart automobiles, etc. Smart consumer electronics are benefiting from the emergence and development of the Internet and integrated circuits, which have a profound impact on people's life and work.

Features of Consumer Electronics

With the improvement of manufacturing level, consumer electronics show the following features.

  • Thin and light

With the maturation of semiconductor technology and plastic molding technology, the appearance of consumer electronics has changed from tall and clumsy to thin and small. 'Light, thin, fast' has almost become the symbol of consumer electronics. Many complex functions of consumer electronics are realized through a small circuit board. The core of the circuit board is the integrated circuit, which is made on the semiconductor wafer.

  • Modularization

Consumer electronics contain many independent functional electronic modules, so they have the features of modularization. Modularization of consumer electronics has the following advantages.


  • Technicalization


Many new semiconductor processes and technologies promote the upgrading of electronic chips and circuit boards, which are integrated into a large number of consumer electronics to achieve new functions. For example, flexible electronics based on organic semiconductors have realized the deformable function, and are used in wearable devices and smart phones.

Semiconductors in Consumer Electronics

Almost all semiconductors including integrated circuits, discrete devices, sensors, and optoelectronic devices are used in consumer electronics. Among them, discrete devices play the role of rectification, voltage stabilization, switching, and frequency conversion, and they occupy the most important position from traditional consumer electronics to smart consumer electronics.

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