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Alfa Chemistry is the world's leading supplier to the semiconductor industry, providing a wide range of products and services used throughout the semiconductor manufacturing process. Since its establishment, Alfa Chemistry has become a leader in the field of semiconductor service supply, providing services to customers in various countries/regions. We have multilingual staff, so you can communicate with us effectively.

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Alfa Chemistry is betting on the research and development of advanced semiconductor technology with continuous innovative thinking. The high-quality R&D team continues to develop advanced technology and manufacturing processes to meet customers' needs for enhancing product functions and reducing costs.

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We try our best to meet all the needs of our customers.

Years Of Experience

Alfa Chemistry has many years of experience in the field and business of compound semiconductor materials.

Professional Technical Support

Customers can get detailed technical services from consultation to after-sales service.

Reliable Quality

Alfa Chemistry has achieve ISO9001:2020 Certification. Quality is our first priority.

Alfa Chemistry is your preferred supplier.

Our Best Service

Custom Film Coating

Thin Films: Oxide, Nitride, Carbide, and More.

Wafer Processing

Services: Epitaxy, Annealing, Implant, and More.

Wafer Characterization Analysis

Testing Project: Surface roughness, Type, Resistivity, and More.

Photomask for Semiconductor

Photomask: Design, Cleaning, Recycle and Pellicle Remount.

IC Integration and Packaging

Turnkey Services, Test Services, Wafer Bumping, and More.

Alfa Chemistry is a pioneer in the semiconductor field.

Semiconductor Solutions

Wafer Manufacturing

MEMS Support

Semiconductor Support

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