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Etchant Selection and Custom Synthesis

Etchants can selectively and uniformly remove substrates without damaging underlying film and mask, which is critical to wafer manufacturing. The selection of etchants usually based on the material characteristics of etch target film, underlying film and mask. A suitable etchant can reduce the special defects of products.

Etchant Selection and Custom Synthesis

Alfa Chemistry offers you highly skilled technical support staff available to answer your question as well as assist you in selecting and customizing synthesis the appropriate etchants. Our etchants ranges from mainstream etchants to the development and manufacture of unique etchants for customer-specific applications. Whether you have questions about specifications, testing, product performance, or application of etchants, please contact us, we will provide you with professional services.

Our Service Scope

Etchant Selection and Custom Synthesis

Alfa Chemistry is a quality supplier of etchants that can help customers select optimal etchant according to the materials and properties of different thin films. In addition, with a professional synthesis team, we can provides custom synthesis services for a variety of etchants.

Alfa Chemistry mainly provides etchant selection and custom synthesis services for the following thin film layers, if you need, please contact us.

  • Metal thin films

Aluminum (Al)

Copper (Cu)

Titanium (Ti)

Molybdenum (Mo)

Chromium (Cr)

Nickel (Ni)

  • Metal oxide thin films

Indium oxide (In2O3)

Tin oxide (SnO2)

Molybdenum oxide (MoO3)

Silicon nitride (Si3N4)

Silicon dioxide (SiO2)

Silicon (Si)

Our Order Process

Our Order Process

  • Handling your enquiry: All working relationships begin with an initial message or call, to let us know what kind of etchant you are looking for.
  • Processing your order: Once we have agreed costings and timescales, our team will propose etchant selection or synthesis solutions and finish the work as soon as possible after your confirmation.
  • Shipping your order: All packaging and shipping is handled in-house by ourselves, and our large warehouse space allows us to turn around large orders in short timeframes.
  • Payment and aftercare: We have a dedicated sales team who will be in touch regarding invoicing and payment. Should you have queries, we can help.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

Alfa Chemistry is a leading global supplier of etchants. We have successfully synthesized or supplied high-quality etchants for many semiconductor research projects. We look forward to maintaining a harmonious, long-term and win-win cooperative relationship with you.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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