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MEMS Research and Development

MEMS Research and Development

MEMS is an important direction of micro/nanotechnology research, and it is another revolution in the field of microscale research after microelectronics technology.

At present, many product companies are still more inclined to manufacture their own miniature devices, although they find that the fabless model is more cost-effective. These companies may find it difficult to support their R&D teams while maintaining a strict fab production schedule. In addition, the R&D team may be exploring the use of materials that cannot be used internally or are incompatible with its current equipment. MEMS products usually require technical certification first, and then a large investment.

Alfa Chemistry can provide our customers with MEMS research and development solutions. We only focus on small R&D projects and are not large in scale.

What Can We Offer?

Alfa Chemistry's research and development team has extensive experience in MEMS research and development. We can provide R&D support for your MEMS products. For customer-specific projects, we provide complete process transparency and even fully documented process parameters when needed.

Our MEMS Foundry is a combination of flexible equipment and fine-tuned individual process modules, allowing our engineers to move forward quickly throughout the process development phase. Our goal is to minimize the process development time to minimize your costs and delivery time. We have extensive manufacturing experience and understand the importance of developing a reliable and repeatable process.

MEMS Research and Developmen

Our MEMS R&D Advantages

The benefits of working with us are self-evident:

  • Small batch
  • Flexible and rich equipment set
  • Able to handle non-standard materials
  • Excellent customer service
  • Provide detailed data and process records
  • Creative and experienced engineer

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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