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High-quality Silicon Wafer

Silicon is the most common element in the universe, ranking second. It is mainly used to make semiconductors in the technical and electronic fields. Silicon wafers are materials used to produce semiconductors, and silicon wafers can be found in all types of electronic devices that improve people's lives. The silicon wafer is very clean, free of impurities and particles, which is the quality necessary to make it an ideal substrate material for modern semiconductors. Throughout the growth process, dopants can be included according to their manufacturing purpose to change the purity and electronic properties of the silicon wafer, depending on its manufacturing purpose. Some silicon dopants that can be added throughout its growth process include aluminum, boron, nitrogen, indium, and gallium.

Thin films are an important part of any microelectronics manufacturing process. For optical devices, a multilayer film stack with the correct refractive index is very important, and the mechanical properties of the film can determine the viability of the MEMS device. For many biomedical devices, the gold, platinum, and silver layers are critical to the function of the device.

Synthesis of single-crystal hBN film. Fig 1. Synthesis of single-crystal hBN film. (A) Schematic illustration for the growth of SC-hBN film by means of self-collimated circular hBN grains with a rotation invoked by the attractive Coulomb interaction of B and N edges between grains (i to vi). (B) Photograph of a wafer-scale SC-hBN film on a SiO2-Si wafer. (C) Growth evolution of SEM images of hBN film. Single-headed arrows indicate linear alignment of hBN grains. (D) Time evolution of hBN grain size and coverage. Full coverage of monolayer hBN film is achieved at 60-min growth time. Error bars indicate the size deviation of hBN grains. (Li S. J, et al. 2018)

Alfa Chemistry has one of the most diverse film products on the market. Many of our films can be customized to meet the specific refractive index, film stress, resistivity and crystallinity requirements of the manufactured equipment. All our films can be used on wafers up to 200 mm. Sputtering and PECVD film can be used for wafers up to 300 mm. Click "Custom Film Coating" to learn about our semiconductor film customization services.

At the same time, we provide you with the same high-quality silicon wafer products as advanced micro-equipment. Our list of pre-processed wafers includes some of the most common oxide and nitride film variants: wet thermal oxide, dry thermal oxide, dry chlorinated thermal oxide, stoichiometric LPCVD nitride, as well as low-stress LPCVD nitride.

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  1. Li S. J, et al. (2016). "Wafer-scale Single-crystal Hexagonal Boron Nitride Film via Self-collimated Grain Formation." Science. 365(6416): 817-821.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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