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Chemical Mechanical Polishing Slurries

Chemical Mechanical Polishing Slurries

Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) slurries are liquid dispersions containing active chemicals and micro-abrasive grains. The CMP slurries are important consumables used in the CMP process of semiconductors, wafers, and microchips. With the increasing popularity of miniaturized electronics and high density setups in small devices, CMP slurries have become increasingly important.


The main raw materials for CMP slurries include abrasives, various additives and ultrapure water. According to the different application fields of CMP slurries, the types of raw materials selected also change accordingly. In key production processes such as feeding, mixing, and filtration, the amount, sequence, speed, and time of each component will impact the final product quality. Therefore, optimize research is required for finding the most suitable CMP slurries. The composition and function of common CMP slurries are as follows.


  • Abrasives
    Abrasives can remove the surface materials by micro cutting, micro scratching, rolling and other ways. The removal ability is affected by the hardness, particle size, shape and mass concentration of abrasives in CMP slurries.
  • pH regulators
    pH regulators can adjust the pH value of CMP slurries to ensure the smooth progress of chemical reaction in the CMP process.
  • Dispersants
    Dispersants can improve the dispersion stability of CMP slurries and reduce the agglomeration of abrasive particles in solution.
  • Oxidants
    Oxidants help form a oxide film layer with weak binding force on the polished surface. The combination of oxidation corrosion and abrasive grinding can achieve a high-quality global polishing effect.
  • Surfactants
    Surfactants can improve the dispersion stability of CMP slurries, so that the dispersant is adsorbed on the surface of the abrasive, and enhance the repulsion between particles.

Physical and Chemical Properties

The physical and chemical properties of CMP slurries are critical when considering the applications of CMP slurries. Some important physical and chemical properties of CMP slurries are listed below.

  • pH value
    The pH value defines the acidity or alkalinity of CMP slurries, where pH < 7 is considered acidic and pH > 7 is considered alkaline. Acidic CMP slurries have the advantages of high solubility and high polishing efficiency, and are generally used to polish metal materials. Alkaline CMP slurries are less corrosive and highly selective, and are generally used to polish non-metallic materials.
  • Viscosity
    The viscosity of CMP slurries affects the contact pattern between the polished surface and the CMP pad. The smaller the viscosity, the higher the polishing efficiency.
  • Temperature
    The increase in the temperature of CMP slurries will lead to an increase in the chemical reaction rate and polishing efficiency. However, too high temperature will make the chemical reaction too intense, resulting in increased thickness of the surface damage layer.

Our Products

Alfa Chemistry provides CMP slurries, including but not limited to the following products.

Cu CMP Slurry

Si CMP Slurry

W CMP Slurry

Co CMP Slurry

Barrier Layer CMP Slurry

Dielectric Layer CMP Slurry

Shallow Trench Isolation
CMP Slurry

Oxide Slurry


Alfa Chemistry has been developing CMP slurries through close alignment with our customers' performance targets, and by using our own technologies, abundant experience, and the utmost safety and environmental awareness. We are confident that our CMP slurries will contribute to your research.

Our Custom Services

Alfa Chemistry provides CMP slurries custom services according to your requirements. We are committed:

Our Custom Service

  • Competitive prices can help you reduce research costs.
  • Professional technical team can help you meet even your most challenging research goals.
  • Shorter production cycles can help ensure your research is not delayed.
  • Market-leading services can help you increase your lab's productivity and efficiency.

Please contact us if you have any questions about CMP slurries. We will provide you with professional and quality services.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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