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Wafer Thinning

Wafer- Thinning

As technology advances, the size of portable and handheld devices continues to decrease. These devices require smaller components, which in turn require thinner wafers. Achieving the correct wafer thinness before assembly is critical to semiconductor manufacturing. Wafer thinning is a semiconductor manufacturing process aimed at reducing the thickness of wafers, which can produce ultra-thin wafers for stacking and high-density packaging in compact electronic devices. You need an experienced company to achieve the required thickness without damaging the silicon wafer or compromising its strength.

Comprehensive and Customized Wafer Thinning Service

Alfa Chemistry provides fast and reliable small batch services for the back or front thinning of various types of substrates.

  • Alfa Chemistry offers multiple finish options from a course grind (400 grit) all the way to a nano-ground finish (8000 grit).
  • We are able to grind 100 mm - 300 mm silicon wafers to about 10 µm, and have proven that the die is thinner to 50 µm.
  • We can also handle materials such as InGaAs, indium phosphide, silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, ceramic, glass, sapphire, etc.

No matter what type of wafer you need to thin, we have a solution for your project. Since time is of the essence, we have simplified the thinning process of semiconductor wafers, so you can enjoy the request time of the day with a 24-hour or 48-hour cycle.

The strength of Alfa Chemistry

  • Ultra-thin wafers 100 mm (4") diameter down to 25 microns; 200 mm (8") diameter down to 50 microns
  • Provide same-day service with a short cycle time
  • Single mode back grinding
  • Partial wafer back grinding
  • Bump wafer back grinding
  • The thickness change is less than 5 microns
  • Ultra-fine grinding wheel can achieve low stress polishing or mirror polishing
  • Multiple abrasive belt options
  • Bonded wafer
  • Safe, damage-resistant packaging supports the transportation of thin wafers
  • 10k class cleanroom environment

Wafer Thinning Methods

Alfa Chemistry uses advanced technology to meet the needs of today's technology companies for extremely thin silicon wafers and dies for complex applications. We usually use four main methods to thin wafers:

Mechanical Grinding

This process is the most conventional thinning technology used today, and its accuracy and high thinning rate are very advantageous.

SVM's Epitaxial Wafer Service Specifications

Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP)

This process flattens the wafer and removes surface irregularities. CMP is performed using a small particle abrasive chemical slurry and polishing pad. Although it tends to be less clean, it provides more planarization than mechanical grinding.

Wet Etching

Wet etching uses liquid chemicals or etchants to remove material from the wafer. There are two methods of performing wet etching: isotropic (uniform in all directions) and anisotropic (uniform in the vertical direction).

Atmospheric Downstream Plasma Dry Chemical Etching (ADP DCE)

ADP DCE is the latest wafer thinning technology that uses plasma or etching gas to remove material. This method can produce very thin wafers with high yields.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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