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Sputtering Targets

Sputtering Targets

Sputtering targets are key material used to create thin films in a technique known as sputter deposition, or thin film deposition. During this process, sputtering targets begin as a solid and are broken up into tiny particles by gaseous ions, forming a spray and coat another material. Depending on the nature of the thin film being created, sputtering targets have difference in sizes and shapes. The smallest targets can be less than one inch in diameter, while the largest rectangular targets reach well over one yard in length. Sputtering targets are usually circular, many special shapes such as square and triangular can be made upon request, which have greater utility due to the advantages of increased surface area.


Sputtering targets can be divided into many types according to their geometric shapes, compositions and application fields.


  • According to different geometric shapes, sputtering targets can be divided into rectangular (cube) sputtering targets, cylindrical sputtering targets and irregular sputtering targets. In addition, sputtering targets can also be divided into solid sputtering targets and hollow sputtering targets.
  • According to different compositions, sputtering targets can be divided into metal sputtering targets, alloy sputtering targets, ceramic compound sputtering targets.
  • According to different application fields, sputtering targets can be divided into microelectronic sputtering targets, magnetic recording sputtering targets, optical disc sputtering targets, precious metal sputtering targets, thin film resistance sputtering targets, conductive film sputtering targets, surface modification sputtering targets, mask layer sputtering targets, decorative layer sputtering targets, electrode sputtering targets, packaging sputtering targets, and other sputtering targets.


Sputtering targets are mainly used in the electronic and information industries, such as flat panel display industry, integrated circuit industry, information storage industry, and optical film industry. They can also be used in industries such as wear resistant materials, high temperature corrosion resistance, chemical plating, metal foam materials and high-grade decorative products. Several typical applications of sputtering targets are listed below.


  • Flat panel display industry
    In the flat panel display industry, sputtering targets are used in liquid crystal displays (LCD), plasma displays, and field emission displays. At present, the LCD market has the largest demand for sputtering targets, accounting for 80% of the total market demand.
  • Integrated circuit industry
    In the integrated circuit industry, the related products prepared by sputtering targets mainly include electrode interconnection films, contact films, barrier films, capacitor electrode films, and resistance films.
  • Information storage industry
    In the information storage industry, related thin films prepared by sputtering targets include hard disk, magnetic head, optical disc and magneto-optical phase change optical disc.
  • Optical film industry
    In optical film industry, sputtering targets are used for glass coating mainly include In2O3, SnO2, Cu, Cr, Ni, Sn, etc. Sputtering targets for automobile rear mirror mainly include Cr, Al, SnO2, TiO2.

Our Products

Alfa Chemistry provides sputtering targets for customers, including but not limited to the following products.

Our Custom Services

Our Custom Service

Sputtering targets applied in different industries with different purity and size. Alfa Chemistry has been developing sputtering targets through close alignment with our customers' performance targets. We have ability to provide sputtering targets custom services according to your requirements. No matter you have any questions about the sputtering targets, please call us and we will provide you with quality products and professional services.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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