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Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis in Alfa Chemistry

Alfa Chemistry provides failure analysis services to support customers' needs for high-quality and reliable products. Our goal is to use our expertise and experience in failure analysis to accurately determine the cause of the failure. We have our own unique analysis method, which has proven to be effective and efficient.

We can also provide tailored support levels to meet your project and business needs. In addition to specific techniques and analysis, we also have the ability to support comprehensive root cause investigations. Over the years, we have provided important analytical insights into the causes of failures.

Alfa Chemistry uses a wide range of analytical disciplines to perform root cause analysis on various integrated circuit devices:

Level 1: External Visual Inspection

Real-Time X-RayWe use real-time X-rays to find cracks, open solder joints, voids, wire bonding issues, and many other abnormal conditions. It can also be used to find solder ball/bump gaps, short circuits, and broken copper traces found in semiconductor packages and PCBs.
External Visual InspectionIt is used to check for any packaging abnormalities, such as pin-to-pin shorts, burns, visible damage, delamination, corrosion, etc.
CSAM Acoustic Analysis
  • Non-destructive testing.
  • High-resolution image.
  • Full and detailed final report.
  • Detect delamination and many other packaging related defects.
Electrical Characterization | Curve TracingIt provides critical information for disconnection, short circuit, resistive signal, high Idd current, Vt threshold leakage and/or transistor failure conditions.

Level 2: Internal Visual Inspection

DecapsulationDecapsulation can be performed on copper wire or aluminum wire bonding. This process is usually used for semiconductor failure analysis and anti-counterfeiting protection.
Quantum Focus Instruments
  • XIVA Failure Detection
  • EMMI Failure Detection
  • Thermal Overlay Failure Detection
Micromanipulator ProbingThis is done under an optical microscope. Apply proper electrical conditions.
Liquid Crystal Hotspot AnalysisIt can be used to detect and characterize the heat flow on the semiconductor surface, which responds to the surface temperature of the semiconductor by changing the refraction and reflection characteristics with temperature changes.

Level 3: Failure Analysis Services

Multi-purpose Bond Strength TestingWe use the multifunctional Dage 4000 adhesion tester to perform wire bond pull and solder ball shear tests.
Dye Penetrant TestIt is a PCB FA analysis technique that involves immersing failed circuit boards in bright dyes to the extent that the dye may indicate disconnected or damaged connections.
SEM / EDX CapabilitySEM/EDX is used to check cross-sections and parallel ground samples. We can determine which elements exist in a particular area of interest through it, which provides an analysis of the root cause of the failure.

The failure analysis team of Alfa Chemistry is composed of highly skilled and professional engineers. We provide you with professional analysis services. Please contact us.

Failure Analysis

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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