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Mask Repair

The semiconductor industry's trend toward smaller-scale technology development and feature size development continues, and EUV technology is becoming more and more important in the semiconductor industry. The associated complexity in mask manufacturing has increased significantly, and with it comes the necessity to repair defective high-end photomasks, especially the most costly EUV photomasks.

With advanced and professional photomask repair technology, Alfa Chemistry provides optimized solutions based on leading technology for the repair of high-end photomasks, which can repair the smallest new generation defects in each type of photomask.

What Can We Offer?

Alfa Chemistry provides our customers with precise photomask repair solutions. We have well solved the key production problem of controlling pattern defects on high-end photomasks while increasing the challenge of reducing feature size and increasing mask complexity.

We provide solutions for materials that pose severe challenges to current industry-standard repair techniques: specifically, quartz bumps on alternating phase-shift masks, foreign objects, persistent unknown particles, and precise repair.

Mask Repair

We work with customers to solve practical application problems. We develop photomask repair technology and help customers choose the right system. Our team of well-trained support engineers, application scientists and experts is committed to maximizing your productivity through high-quality and professional services.

About Our Photomask Supports

The photomask supports we can provide include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Remove the particles deposited during production and processing from the front and back, especially the particle feeders from other equipment. The process is dry and pollution-free.
  • Small batch production of mask repair, up to the 45 nm technology node, including large-area and small-area image reconstruction and thin-film repair.
  • Precision maintenance of advanced key-level photomasks-nanofabrication

Mask Repair


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Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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