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What Is A Semiconductor?

Semiconductors are sometimes called integrated circuits (ICs) or microchips, which are made from pure elements (usually silicon or germanium) or compounds (such as gallium arsenide). Semiconductors are an important part of electronic equipment that can promote the development of communications, computing, healthcare, military systems, transportation, clean energy, and countless other applications. Today, more than 100 billion integrated circuits are used in the world every day. This is indeed a feat of human ingenuity and engineering technology, which is unmatched by any other industry.

Semiconductor Production Stage

Step 1: Research

Complete basic research is a vital first step in the semiconductor production process.

Step 2: Design

Engineers use highly sophisticated equipment to design semiconductors.

Step 3: Raw Materials

Sand contains a lot of silicon, and many semiconductors start from sand. Other pure materials can also be used.

Step 4: Ingot

The sand is purified and melted into a solid cylinder called an ingot.

Step 5: Blank Wafer

The ingot is cut into very thin silicon wafers and polished to a flawless surface.

Step 6: Finished Wafer

Printed wafers with complex circuit design.

Step 7: Dicing Wafer

The silicon wafer containing the finished semiconductor is cut into small individual semiconductors (die).

Step 8: Package Chip

Package the dies and place them in the device.

Step 9: Chips On The Circuit Board

The finished semiconductors are embedded in countless electronic devices.

Best In Class Semiconductor Services

We focus on providing cost-effective solutions to shorten the customer's R&D timetable and help customers commercialize emerging technologies.
Custom Film Coating

Custom Film Coating

Thin Films: Oxide, Nitride, Carbide, and More.

Wafer Processing

Wafer Processing

Services: Epitaxy, Annealing, Implant, and More.

Wafer Characterization Analysis

Wafer Characterization Analysis

Testing Project: Surface roughness, Type, Resistivity, and More.

Photomask for Semiconductor

Photomask for Semiconductor

Photomask: Design, Cleaning, Recycle and Pellicle Remount.

Semiconductor Integration and Packaging

Semiconductor Integration and Packaging

Turnkey Services, Test Services, Wafer Bumping, and More.

Alfa Chemistry will implement strict quality control in each process to ensure the highest quality of the final product. From project design to final product, our experts will always work closely with you to reduce costs while maximizing product quality and data output.