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A Powerful Brand

At Alfa Chemistry, our vision is to allow everyone to directly benefit from semiconductors. We create value with our partners through high-quality products, services, and solutions to better meet the growing global electronic demand.
We are responsible for the environment and our employees, partners, customers, and society as a whole. We have a wealth of experience and understand that we and our customers have different needs. We use our experience to improve our products, materials, and services. We cooperate and believe that by working together, we can all achieve our personal and common goals.

Rewarding Careers at Alfa Chemistry

Alfa Chemistry is a dynamic company. We not only provide a borderless career but also a future workplace, providing a wide range of career development opportunities for experts, young professionals, graduates, and students. We have a diverse culture and provide opportunities for people who want to make a difference by providing semiconductor-related support to the world.

A Great Place to Work

When working at Alfa Chemistry, you can get a wide range of rewards and benefits, covering your physical, emotional and financial health.
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Competitive salaries, bonus programs, recognition programs to share value.

Wafer Processing


Comprehensive, competitive health insurance offered by Alfa Chemistry.

Wafer Characterization Analysis


Paid annual leave and fitness and wellness programs to support work-life balance.

Photomask for Semiconductor

Development and Training

Expand your knowledge and stay current in your field with training and development opportunities.

Wide Range of Job Opportunities

We not only provide professions without borders, but also the workplace of the future. We provide a wide range of career development opportunities for experts, young professionals, graduates and students. Learn about your career opportunities in Alfa Chemistry now!

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