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Computer Aided Design

Alfa Chemistry's quality, attention to detail and knowledge of the photomask industry enable us to support the various needs of many customers.

Due to the need for independent resources, Alfa Chemistry provides cost-effective and professional-level computer-aided design (CAD) services for photomasks. We have a group of dedicated CAD staff in our New York office. Our customers range from individuals to large mature semiconductor companies.

What We Offer

We will support you through the complete process from design to photomask.

  • Layout Services: Send us your design in any format, and we can create GDSII data that can be used for photomasks.
  • Data Preparation: Check the initial information, segment the data, apply the full-function correction system of the optical proximity effect when necessary, and generate output information.
  • Data Conversion: The conversion between GDSII, DXF, OASIS, CIF, image files (TIFF, BMP), Gerber and Mebes has all been thoroughly checked by drawing.
  • Digitizing and Reverse Engineering: Using our unique technology, we can digitize the mask pattern and accurately regenerate GDSII data from the mask.

Computer Aided Design

Our Advantages

The focus of Alfa Chemistry is to save customers time and money by providing high-quality services. Our services are very suitable for MEMS, medical, optics, photonics, RF and IR design.

Usually, your design has been completed in some form, such as DXF, Solid Works, Gerber, CIF or GDSII. In order to make your design capable of photomask processing, you need to convert the data to check for errors. Alfa Chemistry has templates for all available steppers, scanners and aligners, and will ensure that your design can be used in the fab.

  • We have software
  • We have expertise
  • We have experience

Who Are Our Customers?

Startup Companies /R&D / Universities / Government Agencies

Computer Aided Design

  • Convert design from provided format
  • Check the manufacturing design for errors
  • Provide photomasks from various suppliers to meet their needs
  • Support their design process from beginning to end

Large semiconductor company

  • Deal with projects that do not conform to its conventional design route
  • Transfer the design from one foundry to another
  • Recover lost GDSII data from the photomask.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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