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Silicon Dioxide Films

Silicon Dioxide Films

With the development of semiconductor technology, silicon dioxide is a commonly used thin film in the manufacture of microsystem devices, and is mainly used as a dielectric material to be integrated with MEMS devices. Alfa Chemistry has the ability to deposit silicon dioxide films on various wafers using plasma enhanced TEOS (PE-TEOS) and low particle TEOS. The silicon dioxide layer produced by TEOS is a thin film with excellent insulating properties. Customers can contact us at any time for more service information.

Alfa Chemistry's Technical Method

  • Alfa Chemistry uses TEOS as the silicon source to deposit silicon oxide films by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). The advantage of this technology is that silicon oxide can be deposited at a high rate at a low temperature, which is very meaningful.
  • Simultaneously, in order to improve the structure and electrical quality of the silicon oxide film deposited by PECVD technology, we introduced argon gas into the plasma to finally obtain a high-quality silicon oxide film in terms of refractive index, smoothness and uniformity.

Alfa Chemistry's Available Silicon Dioxide Films

Plasma Enhanced Tetraethyl Orthosilicate (PE TEOS)

  • PE TEOS can produce silica layers for various applications, which are liquid films at room temperature. The film has good insulation properties.
  • PE TEOS is different from other silicon dioxide films because it requires ozone (O3) during the reaction process, thereby reducing the deposition temperature. It also produces an oxide layer with very high consistency.
  • The use of PE TEOS to produce silicon dioxide film does not require the use of silane or dichlorosilane, which improves the step coverage of the film.

Low Particle TEOS

  • The deposition process of low particle TEOS is basically the same as that of PE TEOS.
  • In order to maintain its high purity, the wafer must be kept in a vacuum to prevent unwanted particles from being generated during the growth process.
  • Since TEOS will not start to decompose without the help of ozone until 700 ℃, it requires a hotter deposition chamber than PE TEOS.

Functions of Silicon Dioxide Films

In the semiconductor manufacturing process, the main functions of silicon dioxide films are as follows:

Silicon Dioxide Films


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