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Deposited Metals

Deposited Metals

Alfa Chemistry has many years of experience in depositing various metal films on substrates for PVD and CVD applications. We have advanced deposition techniques, including sputtered metals and electron beam evaporation of metals. In addition to silicon wafer substrates, Alfa Chemistry can also perform metal deposition on various substrates, including alumina, fused silica, silicon carbide and other materials. We provide metal films of various thicknesses with industry-leading uniformity and resistance uniformity. Customers can contact us for specific requirements.

Alfa Chemistry's Metal Deposition Technology

Sputtered Metal Deposition

Alfa Chemistry's sputtering technology can deposit ultra-clean metal and dielectric films. The sputtering metal deposition process is carried out in our class 100 cleanroom.

  • We add in-situ RF etching to the metal deposition process to ensure that the film has good adhesion and also facilitates ohmic contact with the underlying conductive layer.
  • We can provide HF immersion before sputtering aluminum and aluminum alloy films. This additional step can further increase the ohmic contact between the layers.
  • The sputtered metal film provided by Alfa Chemistry can be used on silicon wafers with a diameter of up to 300mm.
  • We can also provide sputtering films on non-silicon materials (including quartz and glass wafers).

E-Beam Evaporated Metal Deposition

  • Alfa Chemistry's electron beam evaporation technology can provide excellent film thickness control and can deposit up to 6 different materials in situ.
  • Electron beam evaporation metal deposition is commonly used to deposit precious metals. For wafers that require a lift-off process, electron beam evaporation is a good choice.
  • In order to improve the adhesion of the film, Alfa Chemistry can carry out photoresist baking and O2 deslagging steps before deposition.

Metals Available for Deposition

Alfa Chemistry's most popular sputtered films include:

TitaniumAluminumAluminum Copper
ChromeAluminum SiliconCopper

Alfa Chemistry's metals available for E-beam evaporation include:

Indium Tin oxidePlatinumNickel

Alfa Chemistry Deposited Metals Specifications

Sputtered Metal Deposition

Thickness range100Å - 1.5µm depending on metal
Thickness tolerance+/- 10%
Sides processedOne
GasesNitrogen, Argon
Wafer size2" - 12"

E-Beam Evaporated Metal Deposition

Thickness rangeVaries depending on metal
Thickness tolerance+/- 5%
Sides processedOne
GasesNitrogen, Argon
Wafer size100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm
Wafer materialSilicon, Silicon on Insulator, Quartz
Wafer thicknessSemi standard
Within wafer uniformity+/- 5% or better
Wafer to wafer uniformity+/- 5% or better

Equipment Used by Alfa Chemistry

  • PVD PRODUCTS Manufactures Sputtering Systems
  • Electron Beam Evaporation Systems

Deposited Metals Used

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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