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IC Package Design

IC Package Design

Alfa Chemistry provides IC packaging design services to our customers worldwide. We work with customers to design molds and packages to provide the best products in terms of performance, quality, cycle time, and cost. Alfa Chemistry's full-service packaging design center can help customers determine the best packaging for their specific end product.

Our service follows the following principles:

  • We use the most advanced design tools in our design;
  • We have mobile design capabilities;
  • The designer places customer needs at the center and meets the customer's design needs;
  • We integrate customer-provided designs into Alfa Chemistry's design system;
  • We provide project data management;

Designing Process

Alfa Chemistry uses our proprietary product data management system to manage the design process. From the moment you enter our system, our characterization experts and design team will work with you to understand your needs for each design.

  • Every new design you receive will be determined whether the packaging meets your requirements.
  • Our designers will actively communicate with you during the process to ensure that the best packaging is produced in consideration of cost, assembly, and functionality.

Design for Performance

Alfa Chemistry's packaging design services not only meet strict thermal and electrical requirements but also provide high-end performance for the final product. To ensure that semiconductor packages meet performance requirements, our design and characterization teams work closely with customers through joint design when the integrated circuit is in the development stage.

The "co-design" of the packaging provides the best environment for the best performance. Whether it is a single-chip device or a complex system-in-package, our package design can meet customer needs.

The IC Package Design in Alfa Chemistry

Design Tool Sets

We use diversified design tools to meet customers' design needs. Alfa Chemistry's design toolsets include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • AutoDesk: AutoCad
  • Cadence: SiP and APD
  • Downstream: CAM350
  • Internally developed support tools
  • Ansys

Proven Experience

  • Our world-class design team has extensive experience in the mobile, network, computing, consumer, and automotive markets.
  • Our experience covers laminate, lead frame, and wafer-level packaging design, including single die, multiple dies, package on package (PoP), integrated passive device (IPD), and advanced stack system (SiP).
  • We have the ability to provide complex designs that meet or exceed assembly and cost targets.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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