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Frequently Asked Questions

Photomasks are tools used to transfer patterned images of electronic devices and circuits onto silicon wafers or other substrates so that patterns can be created on glass/metal film substrates by photolithography.

  • Alfa Chemistry provides customers with metal/glass photomasks and polyester film and latex on the glass.
  • Metal film: chromium, iron oxide, copper, aluminum, gold
  • Glass substrate: silica fused silica, soda-lime glass, etc.
  • The choice of material and substrate depends on the specifications required by the design. We offer several types of chromium from low reflection type to high reflection type and anti-reflection type. They have different optical densities and can be used with many other types of metal films according to your requirements.

We accept GDSII, AutoCAD, Gerber, and other file formats. We provide a complete CAD service and can digitize and generate data from the engineering drawings you provide.

Alfa Chemistry is a full-service micro-imaging mask store, so we have a wide range of services and functions. The size of the mask plates we provide ranges from 2 inches to 28 inches.

According to the application, the optical density range we provide is 2.0~10.0. The reflectivity range we offer is 8% to 95% (depending on the wavelength).

Customers provide us with their mask requirements and data. Our CAD conversion and drawing need to be approved by the customer first, and then the mask is manufactured. After making the mask, we will check the quality. Once certified, the mask can be shipped.

Alfa Chemistry can support the image size of lines and spaces as small as 0.5um. Please consult application-specific analysis.

We provide ARSL chrome plating, ARQZ chrome plating, FEOSL soda lime and other positive photoresists that can be used for UV exposure photosensitive plates.

The file size can determine the write time of the mask. However, most masks can be delivered within 24 hours when needed.

Yes! Our products are sold globally. Many of our customers live outside the United States. Alfa Chemistry supports these international orders and has been doing this for many years.

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