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Copy Masks

Copy Masks

When our customers use hard contact printing to transfer designs to their substrates, the photomask can quickly deteriorate due to mechanical damage. If the size and specifications of the functional components allow, the most cost-effective solution is to use a copy mask made of a "master" or "submaster" and keep this copy to make more copies as needed.

Alfa Chemistry provides standard and custom copy mask services for those customers who do not want to use the original master in the process. Our products can be made in small batches. Copy masks are usually made on soda-lime (SL) glass substrates.

About Alfa Chemistry's Copy Mask Service

Copy photomasks are especially useful when the mask is used in any kind of "destructive" process such as contact and close proximity lithography. Since the very beginning, Alfa Chemistry has been making "copy" masks. To this day, many of our customers are still using the same copy or "working" mask.

These copy masks are produced using a contact printing system in which one or several copies of the master template can be produced and shipped to customers. When these are damaged, the customer only needs to continue to order a copy from the original, which will be kept in one of our facilities under safe and controlled conditions.

Contact prints are typically made on soda lime material in 3”,4”,5”,6”,7”, but can also be made on quartz.

Copy PhotomasksSizesSubstrateThickness
3”QuartzSoda Lime0.06”
4”QuartzSoda Lime0.06”0.09” Qz Only
5”QuartzSoda Lime0.09”
6”QuartzSoda Lime0.09” SL Only0.12”
7”QuartzSoda Lime0.12”

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Copy Masks

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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