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Mask Qualification

Having a consistent high-quality photomask is one of the key factors in wafer lithography. Combined with a stable exposure and resist process, it can ensure a rapid learning cycle for increased yield and technology development and design evaluation. When using masks in production, it is important to identify defects on all masks, understand their impact on the mask printing performance and eliminate them before using the mask in a stepper or scanner because this can avoid production loss or technical problems caused by mask problems.

Alfa Chemistry provides our customers with photomask quality verification solutions to ensure defect-free photomasks. Our professional capabilities cover almost all lithography technologies, including dual patterning, source mask optimization (SMO) and reverse lithography scanning.

What Can We Offer?

Alfa Chemistry can provide you with a wealth of photomask quality identification solutions, including defect inspection, printability analysis and maintenance verification, and can perform high-precision and high-precision photomask certification for today and future technology nodes. We provide solutions to ensure the defect-free printing performance of photomasks for 248 nm, 193 nm and EUV lithography, while accurately identifying photomasks based on printing behavior.

Mask QualificationFig.1 Mask qualification process flow.

The photomask supports we can provide include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • We use SMO technology's computer-controlled lighting and key enablers to provide excellent CD repeatability and sufficient lighting flexibility, thereby solving the problems of increased functional complexity, stricter mask specifications and more accurate and reliable defect handling.
  • We perform defect and repair verification on photomasks. We provide a variety of conventional lighting solutions to improve lighting flexibility and ensure high reliability and maintainability. In addition, we provide a FreeForm lighting function, which can realize more complex lighting shapes to support SMO requirements.

Mask Qualification


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