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Semiconductor Material Analysis

Semiconductor Material Analysis

The yield rate is the lifeline of the semiconductor industry. From semiconductor materials, integrated circuit design, silicon wafer production, circuit manufacturing to packaging and testing, impurity contamination introduced by each process may cause semiconductor device defects.

Alfa Chemistry provides reliable material analysis solutions for the entire semiconductor manufacturing process, thereby helping to improve the overall product yield.

Excellent Trace Impurity Analysis and Pollution Control

The semiconductor industry generally requires the purity of silicon wafers to be above 99.9999999%. Accurate detection of impurities in semiconductor manufacturing materials is essential to ensure the quality and yield of components. As modern semiconductor components become smaller and smaller, the potential negative impact of impurities on component speed and profit is also increasing.

Alfa Chemistry is equipped with high detection sensitivity and powerful interference removal ability detection equipment, such as high-resolution ICP-MS technology, which can complete ultra-trace amounts of silicon wafer surfaces, monocrystalline silicon ingots, and wafers elemental analysis to reliably control wafer quality.

Semiconductor Material AnalysisFig 1. The detection images of VPD samples by quadrupole ICP-MS (a) and high-resolution ICP-MS (b-e). (Ferrero E. J, et al. 2002)

We process the sample by gas-phase decomposition or droplet etching and then analyze the element content of the obtained sample solution. Due to the interference of Si-based samples, quadrupole ICP-MS is difficult to determine trace amounts of phosphorus, but it can be easily done in the resolution mode of high-resolution ICPMS. Through vapor phase decomposition high-resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (VPD-HR-ICPMS), we can achieve a quantitative analysis of 42 elements in wafer samples.

Physical Analysis of Semiconductor Wafers

A variety of high-resolution optical/electron/ion microscopes and specific spectrometers / diffractometers are used to control the process flow and analyze the physical structure of semiconductor wafers. Alfa Chemistry has a variety of electron and ion microscopes and other analytical instruments, which can provide customers with wafer analysis at different stages of the industry cycle.

The following is a list of our physical property analysis technology for semiconductor wafers.

Optical, electron and ion microscopeSpectrometer and diffractometer
Optical microscopeAuger electron spectroscopy
Transmission Electron MicroscopeX-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Scanning electron microscopeRaman spectroscopy
Focused ion beamSecondary ion mass spectrometry
 X-ray diffraction spectroscopy
 X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy

The following is an overview of our physical and chemical analysis in semiconductor device manufacturing. Our analysis methods include, but are not limited to the following.

Analysis typeAnalytical technologyAnalysis requirements
Device sizeAtomic force microscopeSpatial resolution, lossless
 Transmission electron microscopeSpatial resolution, contrast, lossless
Chemical composition doping distributionX-ray photoelectron spectroscopySurface analysis, lateral and depth resolution, chemical sensitivity
 Scanning electron microscope-energy spectrometerFull analysis, lateral and depth resolution, chemical sensitivity
 Atom probe tomography3D analysis, spatial resolution
Chemical pollutionSecondary ion mass spectrometerChemical sensitivity, spatial resolution, repeatability


  1. Ferrero E. J, et al. (2002). "Improving The Detection Limits for Vapor Phase Decomposition-inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (VPD-ICP-MS) Analysis." Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry. 17: 1194-1201.

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