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Wafer Bonding

Wafer Bonding

Wafer bonding is a method for temporarily bonding or permanently bonding two or more wafers with or without an intermediate layer. The semiconductor manufacturing process often requires ultra-thin silicon wafers. However, the thinner the wafer, the more fragile it becomes. For this, you can try the temporary wafer bonding service provided by Alfa Chemistry.

We use removable UV adhesives to bond silicon wafers to the glass to help strengthen the wafers and protect them from damage during traditional thinning and post-thinning processes. It provides an effective method to minimize the stress on the silicon wafer during processing. The temporary adhesive will not damage the surface of the wafer, and can be peeled off without leaving any residue.

Comprehensive and Customized Wafer Bonding Service

Alfa Chemistry has standard wafer-level bonding technology, providing customers with small batch permanent and temporary wafer bonding services. Our technology can be adjusted according to the specific requirements of the target application (such as process temperature, bond strength and air tightness). Regarding the service of wafer-level bonding, cleanrooms with fully integrated process line are available at Alfa Chemistry.

The focus of Alfa Chemistry is on adhesive temporary wafer bonding technology to remove devices from the carrier wafer during the room temperature peel-off process after wafer thinning.

Alfa Chemistry's Bonding Technologies

We offer the following bonding technologies:

Wafer Bonding

  • Anodic bonding
  • Silicon direct bonding
  • Glass frit bonding
  • Adhesive bonding
  • Laser enhanced bonding
  • Eutectic bonding
  • Thermocompression bonding
  • Polymere bonding
  • Reactive bonding

Light-to-Heat Conversion (LTHC) Coating Service

This is another supplementary service we provide for semiconductor wafer bonding. The glass substrate is applied with a light-to-heat conversion (LTHC) layer by spin coating and cured for use in a temporary wafer bonding process. The coating is compatible with standard semiconductor chemistry and helps achieve stress-free degumming. We will verify the light transmittance of all glass substrates after coating.


Wafer bonding has many applications. Wafer bonding is mainly used for MEMS, where sensor components are packaged in the application. Other markets for this technology include advanced packaging, 3D integration and CIS manufacturing.

  • Package (for example, for sensors and actuators)
  • Assembly (for example, for RF components)
  • Integration (for example, for electrical / micromechanical / optical components)
  • Substrate and equipment manufacturing

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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