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Communication refers to the information exchange and transmission between people or between people and nature through a certain behavior or medium. The development of communication has brought great promotion and impact to people’s life, study and work. From text communication, voice communication to video communication and multimedia communication, communication costs have gradually become lower, communication rates have increased significantly, and the remote communication and telecommuting are gradually popularized and developed, promoting efficient social production. The development of communication technology is inseparable from communication chips with different functions. For example, laser chips and driver chips, which can realize photoelectric signal conversion in optical active device, while planar lightwave circuit chips are mainly used in passive optical devices without photoelectric signal conversion.


Generally, communication can be divided into wired communication and wireless communication according to different transmission media.

Wired communication

Wired communication

The transmission medium of wired communication is traverse, cable, optical fiber cable, waveguide, nanomaterials, etc., which can be seen or touched (such as cable communication, optical fiber communication).

Wireless communication

The transmission medium of wireless communication cannot be seen or touched (such as microwave communication, short wave communication, mobile communication, satellite communication, scattering communication).

Wireless communication

Development of Communication

  • Wired communication

The telephone is the beginning of the development of wired communication, and its transmission medium is coaxial cable, which is not conducive to large-scale wiring and is prone to crosstalk. Now, optical fiber communication has begun to develop rapidly with the threshold for long-distance transmission was proposed. It has the advantages of high transmission rate and security. Optical fiber communication is an important carrier of the current Internet world and a core of the information age.

  • Wireless communication

With the improvement of communication technology, wireless communication has changed from fixed mode to mobile mode. As the most important wireless communication, mobile communication has undergone five technical iterations.

1G, was an analog technology with limited capacity and transmission rate of 2.4kbit/s. It can only transmit voice signals, and not Internet access. 1G had low voice quality, insufficient coverage, and poor security.


The data transmission rate of 2G reached 9.614kbit/s. This was the age of Internet access, and text messaging, caller ID, and call tracking began to appear. 2G had higher security and greater capacity.


3G provided users with multiple forms of communication services, including voice, data and multimedia. Its transmission rate can reach 384kbit/s, even 2Mbit/s in stable indoor environment.


4G can meet the wireless service needs of almost all users, the transmission rate is 50 times that of 3G, and the maximum transmission rate is 100Mbit/s.


5G not only has higher transmission rates, larger bandwidth, and stronger call capability, but also combines multiple services and technologies to create a user-centered information ecosystem.


Base station is the key of mobile communication to complete information transmission. The most important function of the base station is to transmit and receive signals, which is inseparable from digital signal processing chips, modulation and demodulation chips, digital-to-analog conversion chips, radio frequency amplification chips, etc. The special functions of these chips rely on the iteration of semiconductors. For example, GaN radio frequency power amplifiers in 5G communication base stations, which combine the high power of Si devices and the high frequency characteristics of GaAs devices.

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