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The automotive industry is an important downstream industry of semiconductors. The global automotive electronics market shows that the demand for semiconductor devices in automotive industry is growing faster than other industries. The development of automotive semiconductor devices has gone through five stages. The first four stages are before 1970, 1970-1980, 1980-2000 and 2000-2020, respectively. The fifth stage starts from 2020 with the gradual breakthrough of new energy automobile driving mileage, charging speed and other technologies. And representative loading products of each stage have become the symbol of the times.


From fifth stage, the rapid development of autonomous driving, internet of automobiles, in-automobiles entertainment and aided driving systems lead to another boom period for semiconductors.

Common Automotive Semiconductor Devices

Semiconductors are widely distributed in various control and power management systems in automobiles, coordinating the normal driving function of automobiles. There are many types automotive semiconductors devices, which can be divided into the following four categories according to uses.

Common Automotive Semiconductor Devices

Microcontroller units (MCUs)
Realizing domain control by integrating central processing unit (CPU), memory, analog signal/digital signals conversion and others.

Processing a variety of physical, chemical and biological signals to achieve the mutual conversion between physical quantities.

Power semiconductor devices
Realizing power conversion and control circuit for power electronic equipment.

Other semiconductor devices
Mainly light emitting diode chips, on-board artificial intelligence chips, igniter chips and many other scattered small semiconductor devices.

In various types of automotive semiconductor devices, MCUs, sensors and power semiconductor devices are the most valuable semiconductors.

  • MCUs
MCUs are important automotive semiconductors devices, which are used in automotive instruments, automotive anti-theft devices, chargers, tire pressure gauges, temperature and humidity meters, sensors and others. The average number of MCUs per automobile is over 20. At present, MCUs account for the largest proportion of value in traditional automotive semiconductors, with more than 20%.


  • Sensors


Sensors are an important medium for automobiles to obtain real-time driving status information. With the promotion of electrification and intelligence, the types and number of sensors equipped with automobiles are increasing. According to different uses, chips of automotive sensors are mainly divided into complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor chips, navigation chips and radar chips.
  • Power semiconductor devices

Power semiconductor devices (also known as power electronic devices) can realize the functions of frequency conversion, voltage change, rectification, power conversion, and have the effect of energy saving. Power semiconductor devices mainly include power modules, power integrated circuits (ICs) and discrete devices. Power modules are composed of many discrete power semiconductor devices modular packaging. Power ICs are composed of discrete power semiconductor devices combined with integrated circuits such as driving, control, protection, interface, and monitoring. Discrete devices are electronic devices that have independent functions and cannot be separated. They are the key to power semiconductor devices. The application of discrete devices in the intelligent technology of new energy automobiles mainly focuses on two aspects, including front-mounted automobiles powertrain and driver, and rear-mounted on-board information system.

Power semiconductor devices

In the future, new energy vehicles will deeply apply semiconductors devices in both basic components and intelligent technology.

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