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Surface Defects

Surface Defects

Due to advances in semiconductor processing technology, semiconductor wafers have become denser and more complex, potentially increasing the number of surface defects. These defects should be detected early to help increase production. Alfa Chemistry provides customers with high-quality wafer surface defect testing services, which are an integral part of the wafer manufacturing process. Every defect we detect is considered an indication of some process failure. We are committed to identifying defects related to yield in an effective way during the entire inspection process, thereby alleviating working condition deviations and reducing the total defect density.

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What Alfa Chemistry Can Provide You

Alfa Chemistry is an expert in the field of wafer inspection. We have many years of research experience in wafer surface defects and can provide customers with various service solutions.

We provide solutions for the chemical analysis environment and quality control of the fab to reduce the yield loss in the wafer manufacturing process. We also use advanced scientific instruments and defect detection technology to integrate machine vision, digital image processing and other technologies to achieve defect detection on the wafer surface. We have successfully completed many testing projects for many companies and laboratories.

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Types of Defects We Can Detect

We can provide services to detect the following (not limited to) defects:

  • Exposure Non-Uniformity
  • Striations
  • Scribe or Array Placement
  • Super Dislocations
  • Particles
  • Large Particle (Macro)
  • Solvent Drips
  • Hot Spots
  • Field Tilt
  • Etch Pits
  • Peeling (Macro)
  • Off Center Resist Dispense
  • Residues
  • Resist Bubbles
  • Micropipes
  • Comets (Scratches)
  • Scratch (Macro)

Types of Defects Detected by Alfa Chemistry

Problems Solved by the Test Report

  • We shorten your R&D cycle and reduce cost by providing reliable data.
  • Improve product quality: By comparing test data, discover the problems of your own products, improve product quality, and reduce production costs.
  • Use of research paper data.

Our Advantages

Alfa Chemistry is confident to provide customers with efficient and high-standard analysis services.

  • International laboratory management system that meets quality assurance standards.
  • High-level, professional and experienced technical team.
  • Short detection period and complete experimental programs.

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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