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The computer is a modern electronic machine for high-speed calculation, which can carry out numerical calculation, logical calculation, and has the function of memory storage. According to different uses, computers are divided into specialized computers and general-purpose computers. Computers are composed of hardware system and software system, hardware system mainly includes power supply, motherboard, central processing unit (CPU) , memory, hard disk, sound card, graphics card, network card, optical drive, display and others. The CPU is known as the heart of the computer, which is based on semiconductor wafers to make. The first computer in the world with electron tube as core devices, which was developed by American scientists for the military in 1946. Although it shows clumsiness, its birth marks the beginning of a new era of information revolution.


Development Stages of Computers

The development of computers has gone through the following four main stages.

  • Vacuum tube computers (1946-1957)

Vacuum tube computers mainly used tube elements as basic devices, optical screen tubes or mercury delay circuits as memory, punched cards or paper tapes as input and output media. Vacuum tube computers have the characteristics of large volume, large power consumption, slow speed, small storage capacity, poor reliability, difficult maintenance and expensive price. They were mainly used in important departments or scientific research departments for scientific calculations.

  • Transistor computers (1958-1964)

Transistor computers

In the mid-1950s, transistors made by semiconductors replaced vacuum tubes as basic devices of computers, with magnetic cores or magnetic drums as the memory. Their computing speed was nearly 100 times and the volume was one-tenth than the vacuum tube computers. Transistor computers were not only used for scientific calculations, but also for data processing, transaction processing and industrial control.

  • Small and medium scale integrated circuit computers (1965-1971)

In the mid-1960s, with the development of semiconductor technology, integrated circuits were made successfully. The small and medium scale integrated circuit had became the main component of computers, and the main memory had gradually transitioned to the semiconductor memory, which made the computer smaller and consumes less power. In addition, the reliability of computers was further improved due to the reduction of solder joints and connectors. Small and medium scale integrated circuit computers can be used in production management, traffic management, information retrieval, word processing, enterprise management, automatic control and other fields.

  • Large-scale and very large-scale integrated circuit computers (1971- )

With the successful manufacture and application of large-scale integrated circuits in the production of computer hardware, the volume of computers is further reduced and the performance is further improved. The application scope of large-scale and very large-scale integrated circuit computers are further expanded, almost all fields can see them.

Large-scale and very large-scale integrated circuit computers

Semiconductor's Significance in Computers

From vacuum tube computers to large-scale and very large-scale integrated circuit computers, the application of computers has changed from specificity to universality. This change benefits from the development of integrated circuits, which are made on the basis of semiconductor wafers. Semiconductor-based integrated circuit computers have changed the way of people live and work, they also play a positive role in economic development and cultural dissemination.

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