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Etching Method Selection

Etching is the most critical part of semiconductor manufacturing process. The etching method of all film layers should be selected according to the materials and properties of target etching film layers before the etching process begins.

Etching Method Selection

Alfa Chemistry has a team of highly skilled Ph.D. and M.S. chemists with rich research and development experience. We have accumulated professional semiconductor knowledge and experience in semiconductor projects, which can help us to provide solutions of etching metals or dielectrics for manufacturing and research institutions. Alfa Chemistry's services focus on selecting optimal etching methods and modes for projects based on customers' needs and suggestions.

Our Etching Methods

Etching is a critically important process module, and every wafer undergoes many etching steps before it is completed. Alfa Chemistry is an expert in etching field, and we can offer our customers both wet and dry etching.

Wet etching includes two modes, namely immersion etching (Trough wet etching) and spray etching (Monolithic wet etching). In the first mode, the wafer can be immersed in a bath of etchant, which must be agitated to control etch uniformity and consistent etch rate. Immersion etching has high productivity and low etchant consumption. Spray etching greatly increases etch rate and uniformity by continuously supplying new etchants to the wafer surface. This mode can effectively prevent secondary pollution of wafer.

Schematic diagram of wet etching.Figure 1. Schematic diagram of wet etching.

Common types of dry etching are ion beam etching, plasma etching and reactive ion etching. Dry etching is used in conjunction with photolithographic techniques to attack certain areas of a semiconductor surface in order to form recesses in material.

Alfa Chemistry has strong foundation in the field of dry and wet etching. We have the ability to help you analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each etching method and provide the appropriate etching method and etching mode.

Our Advantages

Our Advantages

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Alfa Chemistry is a global leader in etching technology. We offer the most advanced etching methods and etching modes to improve the performance and productivity of your manufacturing process. We look forward to maintaining a harmonious, long-term and win-win cooperative relationship with you.

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