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Semiconductor Integration

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Radio frequency (RF) refers to frequencies between 3 kHz and 300 GHz-radio waves with long-distance transmission capabilities. This radio wave is widely used in TV, broadcasting, 4G and 5G smartphone communication technology, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi networks, and other RF applications.

Wireless products (antennas, boards, complete machines); IoT devices; IoT platforms and systems that are highly concerned about the IoT market, such as cloud logistics management systems.

Choosing the right IC package for your application starts with understanding technical information about the various design considerations for producing IC packages, such as the right material composition and substrate for your IC package, and the difference between rigidity and tape packaging substrate.

The lead frame is the most common IC package. For surface-mounted plastic packages, we usually use copper lead frame materials. Copper has high electrical conductivity and high flexibility, so it can achieve this purpose.

IIC is a semiconductor processing IP developed and licensed for ultra-high bandwidth, low loss, low power, and high-density interconnect applications, which can be used in heterogeneous system applications, including microwave/RF, large-format focal plane arrays, MEMs, etc. The quilt packaging is compatible with standard manufacturing tools and can be implemented into existing production lines using existing processing equipment.

2.5D technology differs from 3D-IC in that only the interposer requires TSV to connect the active die to the package substrate, which allows the use of existing mold designs.

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