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IC Package Characterization

IC Package Characterization in Alfa Chemistry

As the electronics industry moves toward smaller, faster, and more complex semiconductor packages with higher performance, engineers are faced with trying to assemble more powerful components into smaller areas without causing long-term reliability issues or packaging pressure challenges. Delivering the best packaging design requires an in-depth analysis of key packaging measurements and simulations.

Alfa Chemistry's packaging characterization team provides our global customers with advanced packaging characterization services to ensure that they have high-quality, high-performance, reliable and cost-effective packaging designs that meet market needs.

What We Offer?

Alfa Chemistry provides our global customers with the following characterization services:

  • Thermal Analysis: Alfa Chemistry provides thermal simulation services to predict the junction temperature and thermal resistance of integrated circuit (IC) packages, which can optimize the thermal performance of IC packages to meet customer requirements or specifications.
  • Mold Flow Analysis: Molding compound is a key element of IC packaging, so the impact on IC reliability is very obvious. Alfa Chemistry's mold flow analysis includes void prediction, wire removal and warpage simulation.
  • Mechanical Analysis: Alfa Chemistry uses ANSYS and ABAQUS tools for mechanical analysis, including warpage simulation, stress simulation and solder joint life prediction.
  • Electrical Analysis: Alfa Chemistry provides a series of electrical service and support throughout the design process. Our global package characterization team supports design centers around the world.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional research team
  • Advanced testing methods
  • Years of research experience
  • Fast and accurate characterization results

IC Package Characterization

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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