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Electronic Component Analysis

Semiconductor integrated circuits are the core components of electronic products and are critical to the quality control of electronic devices such as diodes, resistors, and printed circuit boards (PCBs). In order to support the development of SiC and other next-generation power devices, Alfa Chemistry has conducted research on wafer analysis, chip structure, and module microstructure, and proposed corresponding solutions.

Electronic component analysis

We investigate and analyze the causes of failures of LSI products, individual electronic components, and electronic parts to help improve quality control and increase customer product development efficiency and increase product yield. Using our rich research experience as a backing, we can satisfy customers' problem-solving needs through effective investigations and quick responses.

Power Device Evaluation Projects

Alfa Chemistry evaluates the defects of the SiC wafer and epitaxial layer through impurity analysis, and conducts microstructure analysis of the device.

Wafer/Epitaxial layer (impurities/stress/defects)

  • Evaluation of residual stress by Raman spectroscopy
  • Analyze trace elements in semiconductor materials through chemical analysis (ultra-trace impurities/surface contamination elements of SiC wafers)
  • Observe the defects of SiC and GaN wafers and epitaxial layers with ULC-SEM-CL
  • Observe stacking defects/dislocations of SiC wafer and epitaxial layer by Cs-corrected STEM

Device Microstructure

  • EELS/EDX analysis of the gate oxide film/SiC interface of SiC power devices by Cs-corrected STEM and TEM
  • EDX/EELS analysis of diode metal/SiC interface by Cs-corrected STEM
  • Observe the interlayer insulation film/defects by FIB-SEM

Analysis of Installed Components

  • Ultrasonic focused beam internal observation
  • Cross-section observation of the interface of power device composite materials
  • SEM observation of the wire bonding part of power device/IC
  • SEM-EDX and EBSP analysis of weld joint/wire alloy phase
  • Identify the debonding interface with micro-focus radiography/ultrasound microscope
  • SEM observation of the solder/nickel coating-Cu interface alloy phase and the peeled part of the welded joint interface

Detection Technology

  • Thermal measurement
  • Two-dimensional spectrum measuring device for defects of SiC substrate
  • A high-precision infrared thermal imaging camera measures the temperature of power devices

Main Test Items of Electronic Components

Environmental testsThermal shock testElectromigration test
Low-temperature storage testPressure cooker test
Constant temperature and humidity testElectrostatic discharge (ESD) resistance test
Nondestructive testsUltrasonic flaw detectionX-ray analysis microscope measurement
Transmission X-ray observationLiquid crystal method to identify short-circuit location
Soldered joints testsPeel strength testWettability test
Bonding wire tensile shear testDurability test
Reflow soldering heat resistance test 
Electrical characteristics evaluationVI characteristicsInterlayer resistance measurement
Volume resistivity measurement 
Test preprocessing for analysisDicedPrecision polishing
FIB methodWire saw cutting
LSI layeringPackage dismantling

Industries That Use Electronic Failure Analysis

Over the years, Alfa Chemistry has provided services to a wide range of industries, including:

Electronic component analysis

  • Semiconductor
  • Aerospace
  • Computer
  • Consumer appliances
  • Electricity company
  • Electronic parts
  • Government
  • Industrial control
  • Automobile industry

Our products and services are for research use only and cannot be used for any clinical purpose.

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