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Chemical Mechanical Polishing Materials

With the rapid development of the semiconductor industry, the size of electronic devices is getting smaller and smaller, and the polishing requirements are getting higher and higher, reaching the nanometer level. The traditional polishing technology can only achieve partial polishing, but the chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) technology can achieve global polishing. CMP technology combines chemical reaction and mechanical polishing to efficiently remove excess material from the polished layer. CMP technology is the key process of advanced integrated circuit manufacturing and packaging. The polishing capability of CMP technology depends largely on the properties of CMP materials. The CMP materials mainly include CMP slurries, CMP pads, diamond dishes, cleaning fluids, etc. Among them, CMP slurries and CMP pads are the core materials of CMP technology, accounting for 49% and 3% of total CMP materials, respectively.

Schematic diagram of CMP.Fig 1. Schematic diagram of CMP.


The main applications of CMP materials provided by Alfa Chemistry include:

Chemical Mechanical Polishing Materials

  • Silicon wafer CMP.
  • Global CMP of III-V compound semiconductors.
  • Global CMP of silicon nitride, oxides and polymer layers.
  • Global CMP of sapphire, gallium nitride and silicon carbide substrates.

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